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Claus Porto

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Loved by Coco Chanel, and by Oprah Winfrey Claus Porto is a brand that boasts a centennial history characterized by two fundamental elements: authenticity and exclusivity.
In 1887, when in Portugal soaps and perfumes are the hallmark of the wealthy classes, Ferdinand Claus and Georges Ph. Schweder decided to open the first national factory of these products.
Thus was born the “FPC - Fàbrica de Produtos Chimicos Claus & Schweder, Sucrs”.
The company was then taken over in 1918 by two Portuguese brothers Achilles and Alfonso De Brito who flank its production with that of the more famous Ach Brito and who still today generation after generation continue to carry on the exclusivity of the Brand Claus Porto.
“Authenticity, exclusivity, luxury and tradition” these are the values ​​that Claus Porto brings with him, together with the constant search for new markets. Today Claus Porto produces and sells on a global scale, in addition to the famous solid soap, liquid soaps, foams and bath salts, body lotions, candles, room diffusers and cologne.